Flexiblemanufacturing is about Just-In-Time manufacturing systems for metal fabrication.

Flexiblemanufacturing offers many solutions to those who would produce a panel product or a formed product or a welded product from flat material or profiled material in a single pass.

The processes offered in Flexiblemanufacturing.com are the products of companies who are recognized as innovators and as leaders in introducing and creating solutions and advanced technologies to grow the metalworking  marketplace.

Flexiblemanufacturing has worked as Manufacturer's Representatives, and as Sales Agencies for leaders in the metal processing and fabrication industry.

where to find us:

Telephone:   416-498-1591          email: info@flexiblemanufacturing.com        

based in Toronto, ON Canada 

Companies we work with:

Salvagnini -  Metform International - Steel-Invest  - Jammes Industrie/CMF  -  KEFischer  -  CEMSA -  more

Technologies:   punching, forming and bending, laser cutting, welding systems, automated material handling, tube cutting laser systems,  integrated technologies....

What is flexiblemanufacturing about:

punching and shearing

forming and bending

laser cutting

rolling and welding

welded beam lines

shearing systems

automated material handling

and more....