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Salvagnini   builders of metal fabricating equipment and systems.  Salvagnini's P4 Bending Systems are world leaders in metal automated bending solutions. P1, P2Lean, P4L ... longest bend lengths, many features to enhance productivity, always a good panel, designed for One Piece Flow with Mac 2.0.   Salvagnini offer Punching Systems, S4 Punch/Shear, SL4 Punch/Laser and S2 high speed systems. S4s are fully comprehensive systems able to shear four sides of a blank, eliminate carrier strips, reduce scrap with improved yields ... and Salvagnini's Laser Systems, L3 and L5... designed for rugged use and for FLOW.  to 6KW fiber and to 6 meter table size.   Full automation available.  FMS lines such as S4+P4 are the industry Standard.  B3 Press brakes equipped with ATA for automated tooling alignment... RoboFormer,    Salvagnini FlexCell where stand-alone machines communicate producing FLOW.  Salvagnini software that can go from 3D CAD to a part or panel directly.   Ask about OPS and full integration with ERP ... Stream (IoT and Industry 4.0)  Salvagnini is Connected!!! 

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